Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. WIN in Dallas

Top photo courtesy of Paradigm Agency
Review & Photos by: Taylor Prater

Do you like bubbles? Do you miss the days of high side ponytails, neon shirts and retro cartoons? If you like Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. too, then Thursday's show at Trees would have been the perfect set for you.

Starting with some great electro pop jams from British artist Chad Valley, the night at Trees was getting ready to be the most animated atmosphere in all of Dallas. The venue was packed wall to wall, making it difficult to move around but giving ample opportunity to jump along with the crowd to the strobing lights.

The guys at Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. took the stage with a flashing gusto, with large Js and Rs filled with light bulbs strobing on and off at heavy points in each song, a giant LCD screen bubble floating above the drummers head and showing things from cartoon graphics to trippy color streams.

The stage floor and all three staircases were even filled with people, cellphones out ready to take photos and videos of the extravaganza. Band members told stories about dreams of Kid Rock telling them to "F off" and hopped around the whole stage, giving each member the spotlight.

Colorful moments abounded on screen, in dialogue and through crowd interaction. Keyboardists pulled out saxophones for a jazzy, slow-jam solo. Thousands of bubbles burst through a fan above the stage, turning the crowd into jumping piranhas trying to burst as many as they could.

And it got louder. And louder. And the crowd ate it up the larger the decibel number.

It's clear these guys know how to throw a good party and have a good set, and the fun didn't stop at Trees - they made sure to let everyone know the good times could last at a DJ set at the end of the night.

And anyway, who wouldn't want Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. running a night of pseudo-clubbing and free-spirited, carefree pop jams? I can say I didn't know what I was getting myself into before that set, but it was certainly hard to leave at the end of the night.

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