Parallel Play - Take Your Pants Off [REVIEW]

Review by: Taylor Prater and Jaren Lorenz

Firstly, this album is called “Take Your Pants Off,” drawing me in with the carefree, goofy attitude while getting me excited about what I’m in store for.

Starting out the album with “When the Trail is Cold” and its bursting energy instrumentals and wide harmonies, hearing the shouts of “I came into a blueprint,” at the end of the track set the album up stylistically.

The band’s bluesy attitude borderlines a punk spirit making for an interesting culmination of styles and unique, unpredictable listening experience. High percussive energy throughout keeps the album going, providing momentum underneath passionate, heartfelt vocals that define the spirit of folk music.

Credit: Geline Spinks Photography

While primarily being defined by high energy, the album oscillates between good-spirited drinking tunes and down to earth, real emotion. Whether a love song or ode to the backwoods way, lead singer Jeremy Drake’s vocals soar above the sound and keep it sounding light-hearted, like in the song “She Smiles Upside Down.”

By the time the listener gets to the final track “Single File Line,” they feel like they have arrived at a fitting end to a cohesive, dynamic, and genuine piece of art

“Take Your Pants Off” is a musical portrait of four individuals’ vast array of life experience through the context of 11 different but related stories.

Be sure to check out Parallel Play's album release show this Saturday, February 22nd at the Prophet Bar in Dallas!

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