Quaker City Night Hawks style...

Almost two weeks ago Magnolia Green Park in Fort Worth witnessed some Texas style, heavy soul, southern rock by a familiar band to cowtowners, Quaker City Night Hawks.A lot of people immediately start making ZZ Top comparisons when they hear QCNH for the first time which is totally understandable but the type of drum pounding, deep fried guitar licks could easily bring about mental queues of .38 Special, Molly Hatchet and more.
The two guys up front that share the lead vocal spot, David Matsler & Sam Anderson, also serve as lead and rhythm guitars and formally jammed together as The Black Bonnets not so long ago which became QCNH after the addition of Pat Adams on bass and Matt Mabe on drums. The reformation/new band concept by Anderson began to develop after mentioning to the guys his idea of a ZZ Top style band with John Bonham on drums, and that fire only needed a spark to start.

Tonight! [May 24th] you can catch the guys for free at Magnolia Motor Lounge in Ft. Worth as apart of the Bob Dylan Birthday Tribute also featuring Scott Copeland, Dereck Larson & more... plus they'll be at The Grotto w/ Kirby Brown & We the Sea Lions tomorrow night [May 25th], so two reason why you should come out and not make excuses DFW!
[and cool t-shirts never hurt a bands rep...]

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