Kopecky - Domestic Indie Rock

Lots of highly cliche' type openers come to mind like "the family that plays together...", "all in the family..." and even jokes about TN and family trees with no branches (only because I grew up there and earned the right to joke about such mentions).
All that out of the way, I will refrain from such childish discord and show true respect to a cool "fam" making some beautiful noise out of Music City these days.

Kopecky Family Band started out kicking around thoughts and ideas on life and general topics which for a talented group of musicians will almost always translate into musical inspiration.
Although the name is misleading, the 5 guys and 1 girl that make up the group are not related by blood but do claim one another as bros and big sis.
The festival circuit has been apart of KFB's touring life since early on including past notable spots at Next Big Nashville, CMJ, SXSW and Bonnaroo.
The fam-band will continue adding to their accomplished festival resume by playing a spot at Lollapalooza in Chicago on August 4th. Blind Pilot will be on hand with KFB the night before to play a Lollapalooza after show at Lincoln Hall also in Chi-town.
Considering we still have a few weeks in this month, The Melting Pot in Athens, GA will host Kopecky Family Band on July 26th if you plan on being near the area.

CNN did a cool piece on the Family back earlier this year during their SXSW stop for your entertainment pleasure...

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