Zelliack: less Prog. Metal more R&B/Soul

Although Elliot Coleman & Zack Ordway  still get their need for metal met with the Sky Eats Airplane it's more of a jazz / r&b / soul kinda vibe they lay down with Zelliack.
The duo's style fit well together even considering the drastic difference in all their other projects.

Elliot Coleman is a musician out of Maryland that does not claim any one genre. Having worked with groups like Of Man Not Of Machine, Of Legends, TesseracT and currently pulling double duty with both Zelliack & Sky Eats Airplane.

Zack Ordway is a writer/musician originally form Fort Worth that now calls Weatherford, TX home.
Currently he pens songs for groups like Mystery Skulls, Killtrox And The Motherships, Sky Eats Airplane and of course Zelliack.
Call it baby making music or just call it groove, at the end of the day it's the kind of music most can find a happy place with when given a chance.

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