The Vespers, not your daddy's Folk Pop

Don't call it a ho-down! Dr. Dre would probably still recognize the "smart art" and stylistic twist The Vespers put into their brand of pop and folk.
The two sisters and two brothers that make up the group harmonically mesh together in such an easy fashion you'd think they were road dogs from way back. Actually the band is just barely over three years old and tribute their harmonies to a sibling sensibility.
The two ladies up front that share the same parents and lead vocals are Callie and Phoebe Cryar. Both grew up in a family influenced by music and were able to gain pro experience early on singing background vocals at a young age on Music Row.

The brother Vespers, Bruno & Taylor Jones, experienced a wide variety of music coming up. R&B, soul and just about everything except roots/folk style music that didn't appear on the radar until recent years.

An impromptu campfire jam [where all good folk music is born from, just ask our settlers] one pre May 2009 night was the meeting place for both sets of kin that started the eventual collaboration.
A few tours, many shows and two albums later this guy/girl gang is hanging with some of the best indie folk groups on the road these days.
The Fourth Wall is their latest full LP release and is being called "an honest sense of joy and sorrow that can melt the stoniest of hearts" by: iTunes.

Check out a mini doc behind the scenes look at the recording of the new record:

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