Amy Cook before she's Barefoot at the Belmont [INTERVIEW]

courtesy of Amy Cook facebook

KXT is back this year teaming up with Fossil and presenting a new season of Barefoot at the Belmont.  Hosted live at the Belmont Hotel in Dallas featuring both national touring artists and local favorites.

Tomorrow evening (4/25) kicks off the first show of the season featuring Amy Cook with Somebody's Darling starting at 7pm. (doors at 6:30pm)

We caught up with Amy today to find out the latest with her new music and upcoming live dates...

Big difference but thought it was kinda interesting you just opened for Richard Thompson at the Belmont in Austin and now you're playing the Belmont (hotel) in Dallas. How was the experience opening for Richard?
Yeah I know, I was kinda confused and thought I was playing the Belmont twice in two weeks!  They were like no, in Austin.  I guess it is new for having music there, it was fun and a good show.  We had a good time.  He [Richard] was awesome.  I've actually done shows with him before but never in Austin.  It was fun in front of the hometown crowd.

No secret Summer Skin has done well for you, especially on the critical level.  Any new music being written or recorded right now?
I'm not recording yet, I am writing a little bit though but still kinda doing the on the road thing.  Maybe in the fall I'll be ready to put something together.  I'm not co-writing yet but I imagine that I will eventually.  Still kinda gathering at this point.

Do you have any new live shows planned in the near future after Barefoot at the Belmont?
Nothing really solid I think I have some dates with Keri Lewis on the east coast in June.  I'm not exactly sure and haven't looked at the schedule.  I just got the email today.

Austin has got to be one hell of a fun and inspiring town to live!  Do you ever go out and catch live music when you're not touring?
Yeah, I check out music when I can.  I haven't seen a lot lately I've been traveling a little and was in LA last weekend.  Just kinda taking it a little easy with some time off.  There's a lot of good music in town always.

Hope you're a season ticket holder or have already grab your spot for this B@B show tomorrow! SOLD OUT!

While you wait, check out Amy Cook's video for "Getting to You".

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