[REVIEW] The O's Live THUNDERDOG Release

The O's have been everywhere, and so have their fans, promoting the heck out of their release show for their newest album Thunderdog at Granada Theater.

The duo came along with the support of I Love Math and Telegraph Canyon, a trio of local folk bands that make for a deadly yet satisfying show that everyone was anyone made certain to make time to see.

Look no further than supergroup I Love Math to make you just as stoked as they act on stage.

Simple yet catchy melodies take a unique spin with folk-inspired accompaniment and conversation lyrics that keep you young at heart and jamming forever.  You can never really go wrong with that.
Fort Worth superstars Telegraph Canyon took the stage explosively so on after and put their heart, soul and guts into every chord and lyric.  Violinist Tamara Cauble did her best to make the set as personal as ever, sending a few winks and waves to the audience every now and then.
Not an inch of stage was left uncovered and the front pit of the theater filled rapidly with fans gazing on in awe.  When you've got foot-stomping, vocal chord-bursting power in every song, it's not hard to garner a dedicated fan base.

While waiting on The O's, Granada-goers got a special treat in the form of a puppet show from Mr. Bonetangles and the Trubbanauts.  I got the chance to spot this act at the Big Folkin' Fest at the Prophet Bar earlier this month as they accompanied The Venetian Sailors.

Just like before, the show collapsed the theater toward the stage, leaving hardly an inch for movement. Mr. Bonetangles and co. kept everyone on their feet during the downtime before the big set.

And by the time The O's appeared behind the rising screen, you could feel the crowd eagerly anticipating their chance to sing along.  With Thunderdog on the wish list of all 
music fans in the metroplex, these guys had quite a task on their hands to live up to the hype.

But who are we kidding?  It's The O's, and they not only live up to the hype, they are the hype.  Opener You've Got Your Heart served as they go-to crowd pleaser to get those pipes bursting with song, and the crowd couldn't have been more pleased with the first-hand view of the new album that's been on everyone's countdown.
Be sure to buy the album and experience the good times for yourself!

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