Butch Walker: Out of Focus but a Familiar Sound

Have you turned on the radio in the past five to ten years? If so chances are you've caught a line or two from a Butch Walker song even though he was probably not the person singing.

His creative works with acts like Train, Weezer, Fall Out Boy & P!nk are well known not to mention his commercial work writing the title song for the global Coca-Cola marketing campaign "Open Happiness".

Peter Harding and Shane Valdes are the two filmmakers behind the new doc. "Out of Focus" and according to Butch the two who convinced him at first it would only be a film about him and his band making their latest record. Peter and Shane stuck around for a little longer, like a year, and kept shooting.

Some of you might remember the premiere at the Nashville Film Festival earlier this year. If you have already grabbed your tickets you can catch the advance film screening at The High Watt tomorrow night starting at 7pm. If not then you're SOL unless we see some last minute releases today. People can dream, nothing wrong with it!

Bonus! Butch is playing a full live set over at Mercy Lounge starting at 9pm the same night. Of course this one is sold out too but I'm sure you bought your tickets weeks ago so no worries!

Check out the trailer for "Out of Focus" and feel free to let us know what your favorite Butch Walker song is before you realized it was a Butch Walker song?

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