Jessie Frye - White Heat + Fall Tour Dates

"Texas' Sultry Pop Princess" branded by Austin Culture Map - Jessie Frye released a new lyric video for the single White Heat from her upcoming 2014 debut LP Obsidian.

The video by Cameron J. Smith captures a texturized black and white reflected box seemingly floating over a pale blue background. Lyric text pops and fades in time with the vocal track which adds to the synth/pop style of the song White Heat. Kicking off with a pronounced pitch bending tubular-esque synth melody that flows into a live driving kick drum. Layered guitar also trades off solo parts with the keyboard creating an eletro live feel to the track.

"White on white heat, perfect alchemy" lyric introduces the turnaround into the chorus "Let's fall in love or go insane forget all the roles you thought you should have played...". At first impression you might get a "let's just do us and not worry about what's expected" love song vibe from this track but listen a little closer and you will find a lot more substance than your average pop song (i.e. "with gold blood in my veins).

The song should sound great live and we certainly plan to try and catch Jesse at Club Dada in November if not before that date. She has a solid group of Fall 2013 dates lined up for many others to catch her live show.

Have a look and give a listen to White Heat for yourself and let us know what you think?

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