Sarah Sellers Debut Single - The Way You Love Me [REVIEW]

Talk about a perfect Valentine's release! "The Way You Love Me" is the debut single for Dallas pop/soul artist Sarah Sellers.

Originally from Oklahoma City, Sarah has covered more ground pre debut than most artists achieve their entire career.

Season 10 of American Idol, Sarah "made it through to Hollywood" to quote Ryan Seacrest. She was an instant favorite for the judges, specifically Steven Tyler who couldn't help but share his inward affection for Sarah's talent saying "you had me sold from the second you laid eyes on me".

Regular readers of this blog might remember Sarah opening for Grammy nominated artist Monica at the House of Blues in Dallas fall of 2012. Our coverage of that show still ranks as the 3rd most popular post on GoodBAMMSho.

We've even had the honor of having Sarah guest blog and interview other artists for us in the past!

Today, Sarah wants us all to be her Valentine and she has a seriously sweet gift to offer. "The Way You Love Me" kicks off with a Lorde-esk inspired kick, kick, click kinda groove.

But don't take the comparison literally. The tasteful vocal runs over top well placed synth chords and big bass hits build toward the kinda chorus that you will like having stuck in your head for a long time to come.

Written by Sarah and her producer the lyric "The way you love me makes me drunk like wine" might conjure up a warm and fuzzy memory or two you've shared with your Valentine! "I'll be spinning in my bed with you all night" offers up what just about every guy is hoping for as an end result with his Valentine this evening! Many ladies as well, no worries, we care about your needs too!

Produced by: Josh Goode & Bradley Parkope for Good Vibes Music, the song structure and production is a well executed commercial pop single with tv and film placement written all over it. Pay attention music supervisors, this could no doubt be your next big cue!

Check out Sarah's gift for you below and go grab your copy over at iTunes today. iTunes - The Way You Love Me

Be sure to visit her YouTube channel or facebook page to let her know what you think of the first single!

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