#VDay in Dallas w/ Young the Giant

Review + Photos by: Taylor Prater

You didn’t need to bring your boo with you to the Valentine’s Day Young the Giant show to feel the love.

Openers Cayucas started out the feel-good, loving vibes with their upbeat, tribal, easy atmosphere, which was a nice compliment to Young the Giant’s sound.

Although the crowd waited with bated breath for Young the Giant, the feedback to Cayucas was one of animated appreciation.

But once Young the Giant took the stage, the energy from the front few rows was enough to knock down the barriers. Large groups of girls reached out and practically touched the stage in an effort to get a hold of lead singer
Sameer Gadhia as he jumped and writhed around stage.

At a few points I felt a few people knocking the bun on top of my head away in an effort to see better – needless to say, my photos from there on were taken from underneath the outstretched arms.

The group’s second track was new single “It’s About Time,” winning over the hearts of fans (single or not), shortly followed by arguably their biggest hit, “Cough Syrup.”

The most unique aspect of this show was seeing and hearing the audience sing along with just about every word – it was hard to tell the dedicated fans to the casual listeners – it didn’t seem at Southside Ballroom that Young the Giant has anything less than supremely loyal followers.

I mean, the place was packed from front to end, more than I have ever personally experienced.

It’s always nice to see crowds get excited about the next song after the first note, and the fans at this show seemed to keep that momentum throughout the whole performance, just like the band.

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